"Each strip allows the reader to see the world from a different perspective... All of the strips provide some insight into the world in which we live... the different strips in "Eye of the Beholder" combine to present an insightful view of America."

- Josh Weihnacht, indy Magazine

Reviews for "Eye of the Beholder":

"Great Coffee Table Book.
The formula works like this--there are four panels on the front of the page which give you a visual clue.
Turn the page and on the back is the fifth panel, which "concludes" or solves the puzzle of the first four.
Extremely simple, but extremely entertaining. The fifth panel usually takes a left turn to some quirky conclusion (which makes it that much more fun to figure out).
I leave this out on my coffee table, and people are constantly hooked after just one or two "puzzles."
It's important to get the hardcover edition, as it gets thumbed through by so many people that the paperbacks quickly fall apart.
Great for your guests or a couple of hours of fun."

- Reader, Pensacola, Fla., June 22, 2002

"Eye of the Beholder... boasts the peculiar distinction of being the first (and only) comic strip to run regularly in the New York Times. More visually ironic than laugh-out-loud funny, the strip's isolated images of city life build to ominous, silly and downright surreal visual punchlines. It continues to be syndicated to alternative newspapers. "

- Publishers Weekly Copyright 1996 Cahners Business Information, Inc.