Comics Trips CD-rom

by Peter Kuper

Includes animations, an original music score and a 44 page booklet illustrated with drawings and photographs from the trip.

CD-ROM for Mac [OS 7.5 of higher] and Windows [95 or later]

To order , send $30.00 US in money order or check form to:

Peter Kuper
235 West 102nd St.#11J
New York, NY 10025 (Foreign orders add $3.50 additional )

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Reviews for "Comics Trips":

"The type of comic you save from a fire.
Fate is the only way to describe it. When I took off for Asia - a one-way flight from New York to Hong Kong - the only comic I brought with me was Comics Trips. I didn't know it at the time, but nothing could have been more fitting. It was a revelation, the most influential piece of travel writing I've ever read. Documenting Kuper's adventures in Africa and Asia, Comics Trips is part comic, part sketchbook, part photo album - and entirely engaging. Highlights of the book include an account of a hilarious/nightmarish train ride through Tanzania in "Gorillas," and "Bangkok," a light-hearted look at the live-sex trade. Comics Trips is punctuated by beautiful watercolor sketches, ticket stubs and collages, and humorous photo essays like "Toilets of the World." "

Brooklyn, NY, March 16, 2000